#05Rave – Nailing 2 core values in 2 months!

At the Kingdom Cup in Kalamazoo, the ’05 Rave lost the championship game 2-1. The team’s goalie Cooper Hutt got upset at the close loss and tears began to fill his eyes. Recognizing that, Xander Darling and some other teammates kept insisting to give the Cooper the trophy to hold for a team picture. “It was moving to see how Cooper’s teammates kept insisting on giving him the trophy so they could celebrate together,” said coach Jeff Merritt.  #Teamwork

This past Saturday, the Rave found themselves in a close match and the assistant referee approved of a goal they scored. As the referee was running back to midfield, numerous of the Rave offensive players went up to the referee and told him that it didn’t go in. They continued to insist that the referee should call their goal off. While the referee didn’t listen to them because he wanted to support and stand by his assistant referee, the Rave players decided to do the right thing in light of a close, competitive game.  A team effort of #Integrity.

Great work ’05 Rave! You not only look good (see below) but we’re proud of your character despite a loss or a close game.

If you see a good #BeyondTheField story worth telling, e-mail Eric@rivercityfc.org. We can all learn from our players in these moments of character.