Launching the Player Coach Mentorship Program

This Fall season marks the launch of our Player Coach Mentorship Program. As a relationship based club, our long-term goal is for some players and Player Coaches to aspire to become coaches and serve their community through soccer in years to come. We’re excited that the Player Coach Program can start that process.

Player coach responsibilities are to assist with practice for Little Rascals and Grassroots Academy sessions. The program allows growth for player coaches, providing role models for the players, and for everyone in the program growing in relationship.

Player coaches know what it’s like to be a beginner soccer player and can teach the basics well to our Grassroots and Little Rascals. Additionally, player coaches can look up to and learn from the RCFC coaching staff. We’re incredibly thankful for our player coaches giving their time and energy to the club. RCFC coaches appreciate the extra coaches engaging with the players.  

Get to know our 4 Player Coaches we highlighted who are helping out this Fall season (some coaches not highlighted):

Coach Cooper got involved in the program by coaches recognizing his awesome interactions with younger kids and saying that he’d make a great Little Rascals coach.

Coaching tip: Keep working and practicing on 1 thing until you get it right.

Favorite food: Buttered noodles 

Coach Ali was reccomended to coach through a friend. He loves kids and appreciates learning from RCFC coaches. 

Coaching advice: Try and be Ronaldo.  

Favorite food: Bologna

Coach Austin (also known as Tino) decided to help out because he had some extra time on his hands. 

Coaching tip: Don’t give up and don’t get distracted.

Favorite food: Mac and cheese


Coach Lana likes soccer and aspires to be a teacher so she figured she’d put the two together Best coaching tip: Stay loose and have fun. Favorite food: pasta 

If you know of anyone interested in the Player Coach Program, e-mail