Ballin Integrity: #09Fever


ballin integrity

Sometimes crazy stuff happens in games. A couple of weeks ago, the ’09 Fever faced a Midwest United team who had no substitutes. During the game, one of the Midwest players became ill and had to leave the game.

Without hesitation, a couple of players went up to coach Alex and suggested that they take a player off to make it an even game. They were all volunteering to go off. For the remainder of the game, the boys wanted to continue to play down a man. There was no hesitation of integrity for these ’09 Fever boys, which is why they receive the “Ballin Character” Award (it’s being held underneath Luke’s legs in the middle of the picture.)

These boys cared more about fair play than an easy win. It would’ve been easy and justified for them to play with an extra man, but they did the right thing regardless. Thanks for being examples of character for all of us ’09 Fever!

For the month of November, our core value is gratitude. It’s easy to say we’re thankful, but gratitude requires consistent action so we can know that in the end, we’re blessed with a lot more than we think.

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