“Grittin” After it


After every game and practice in the month of May, coach Eric picks out a specific player who displayed exceptional grit. “In the huddle at the end of our second game at the Cherry Capital Cup, the players told me who the grit player of the game was before I even mentioned it. The unanimous decision was Noah McGraw, our central defender.”

The 06 Fever boys were flying that second game of the tournament, displaying grit in a way they never had before.

They ended up losing 4-2 to a very talented opponent, however that loss ended up being Noah’s favorite game. “We went 2-1 in the tournament, but my favorite game was the one we lost because I like how it challenged me.”

During their last game Sunday morning an opposing team’s parents commented from the sideline, “Whoever that Noah kid is, man he never stops moving.” Various River City parents added, “He is a brick house, it was like watching a new kid out there. His speed and skills have come a long way. He definitely deserved the grit award of the tournament.”

“His drastic improvement is a direct result of him continuing to give his best.” explained Coach Eric. “It’s a cliche saying, however not every player lives it out. Noah has. And it’s helped take our team to a new level and everyone on the field has noticed.”

For his exceptional example of grit, especially amidst challenges, Noah has been chosen for the #BeyondTheField #BallinCharacter award! Thanks for being a great example Noah, we can learn a lot from athletes such as yourself!