High School5v5 League

High School
5v5 League


This brand new program from Michigan Futbol Academy aims to provide programing to high schoolers to play soccer and futsal with low cost and commitment. MFA’s High School 5v5 League is a low key, inexpensive, games-only league for recreational players. Not all players who enjoy soccer or futsal play on high school or club teams. So, MFA's 5v5 league provides a great alternate for the player looking for low commitment option to play a sport they enjoy.

Unlike the full game of 11 vs 11, this league will play the small-sided 5 vs 5. Less players on a smaller field means each players gets more touches, more shots and more goals than they might with the large game. This exciting format creates a fun environment for players and spectators alike.

The season is "games-only" meaning that players can just show up to their game day and play. Similar to street soccer, there will be no set teams, standings, league tables, etc just players and a referee to ensure safety, fairness and sportsmanship.

When registering, be sure to request to be with your friends. Players of all skill levels are welcome!

Seasons and Schedule

The high school 5v5 league is broken up into four seasons through the year. Register for just the ones you want or choose Unlimited to play every season at a discount!


  • Fall Soccer | Sept 22nd - Oct 27th | MSA Fieldhouse
  • Winter 1 Futsal | Nov 10th - Dec 15th | MSA Sports Spot
  • Winter 2 Futsal | Jan 5th - Feb 16th | MSA Sports Spot
  • Spring Soccer | Apr 19th - May 31st | MSA Fieldhouse

Each season cost $75 and includes a t-shirt.

The 5v5 league plays on Sunday evenings from 6-7pm. A full schedule can be found in the program guide.