MFA Lessons

Individual/Group Lessons
MFA offers year-round Individual and Group soccer lessons for all ages and genders. Each session is one hour and can be catered to meet the needs of a specific individual or small group. All lessons are run by our Master Coaches, unless another coach is requested to conduct the training. Please reference the calendar below to observe our staff’s availability. Once you have identified a date and time with an available coach of your choosing, please call or e-mail our office staff to get your training scheduled!

Individual Lessons run at a rate of $60 per session and are designed to meet the needs of the individual athlete.

Group Lessons run at a rate of $35 per athlete and range from two to four athletes per session. Please keep in mind that group lesson participants will need to focus on developing the same, or complementary skills. For example, we can have players work on attacking and defending or both players can focus on passing. Group lessons have the potential to incorporate small tactical situations with pressure, whereas individual lessons will be focused on technique and biomechanics.

Any session can be an Individual or Group lesson.

Please note for ALL Lessons there is a 48-hour cancellation policy. Lessons cancelled inside 48-hours of the lesson time will be charged $30. Lessons cancelled inside 24 hours of the lesson time will be charged the normal rate of $60.

Contact Information:
(616) 608-5905 MSA Office (ask for Kyle)

MFA Lessons Calendar

Check out the calendar for availability! If you cannot find a lesson that works with your schedule contact us and we can try to set something up!