MFA 616


MFA 616
By combining ABK 616 and Rascals, MFA 616 will continue to provide consistent, high quality soccer and futsal programing for the youth of Grand Rapids. Regardless of skill or commitment level, MFA 616 makes quality training, games and facilities more accessible for recreational players.

MFA 616 is a local and affordable alternate for families who do not want to commit to travel soccer or futsal teams. With 5 seasons to choose from, this program utilizes our incredible facilities to host training and league play with varying divisions based on age, skill and now gender, too. 

While this revamped program is still new in West Michigan, it takes us back to our roots with our commitment to keeping sport as fun as possible. Competition and capability development definitely do exist here, as they do with all of our programs, but this program is about a whole lot more than just that!

Although we believe that youth players of all genders can compete together, we've recognized that girls often want to play with only other girls. So, we've created special training and game opportunities, just for girls.

Girls aged 2013-2008 can now participate in specific training and games with other girls. The players will train together during the week and play small-sided games on the weekends.

Join MFA 616 this year for an amazing season of Skills, Friends, and Fun!


MFA 616 offers 5 seasons:

  • Fall | Soccer | $180  | MSA Woodland
  • Winter 1 | Futsal   | $180  | MSA Sports Spot
  • Winter 2 | Futsal   | $180  | MSA Sports Spot
  • Winter 3 | Soccer |  $90   | MSA Sports Spot
  • Spring | Soccer | $180  | MSA Woodland
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MFA 616 offers local teams in these age groups:

  • U7-U8 | Players born in 2013-2012
  • U9-U10 | Players born in 2011-2010
  • U11-U12 | Players born in 2009-2008
  • U13-U14 | Players born in 2007-2005
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Fall 3v3 Festival

September 21th, 2019
MSA Woodland

A brand-new, completely in-house tournament using the classic small sided game of 3v3. Lightning fast games means more touches, more opponents, more fun.

November 29th, 2019
MSA Sports Spot

A rapid fire futsal tournament with half length games on Black Friday. The event attracts Midwest futsal clubs to Grand Rapids for the exciting format.

West Michigan Futsal Cup

January 31st - February 2nd
Spot, Fieldhouse & Woodland

The West Michigan Futsal Cup is a destination tournament for over 130 teams from 5 different states and 2 countries. The multi-day futsal event included competition for all skill levels and ages.

MFA Community Cup

June 5th - 7th
MSA Fieldhouse

Formerly the Rascals Cup, the Community Cup enters its 3rd year of proving friendly tournament competition to local recreational programs. The MFA Community Cup is a great opportunity for teams to finish their season with competition and fun.