Grand Rapids ABK believes that there is much more to futsal than just winning games. While winning is important in any competitive sport, the idea of developing a player's "character" is our highest priority. This is especially true at the younger age groups as the foundation that is laid now for these young players will help guide them through the rest of their soccer career, wherever that may lead. The goal is to train these young athletes so that they are well-positioned to succeed in high school, college and beyond, both athletically and scholastically. To help achieve that goal we have implemented a Code of Conduct/Player Contract for Players, Parents and Coaches. These Codes are designed to enhance the player's experience and maximize their ability to learn and enjoy the great game of soccer. Please take the time to read through each of these with your children and truly understand how important they are for the good of the game.

(PLAYER) I will:

Play for the good of the game

Promise to work hard at practice and games to improve my futsal skills and my understanding of the game. I understand the amount of playing time I receive in games will be based on my skills, determination in practice, punctuality, and attitude. I know that I may receive more or less playing time than my team members and playing time is not guaranteed.

Have a positive and never quit attitude. Exemplify and demonstrate sportsmanship at all times

Be generous when I win and graceful when I lose

Conduct myself with class and dignity…be professional at all times

Respect all officials and coaches and accept their decisions without question

Give encouragement to my fellow teammates

Attend and be prompt to all games & practices

Immediately report any injury to my coach

Respect my coach and my opponents

Abide by my coach’s decision regarding playing time and positioning

Learn and obey the laws of the game

Practice individual futsal skills on my own time at least 2-3 times per week

Notify the coach or team manager if I will be late for or unable to attend a game, training session, or team meeting

Learn the rules, policies & procedures of the Team & Club

Approach the Coach with any personal futsal related problems

Be the BEST that I can be at all times; for myself, my team, my club and my family

Youth sports are supposed to be fun...for the children. Unfortunately, many parents and fans don't realize that their actions, whether verbal or nonverbal, can have a lasting emotional effect on children. Too many children are leaving sports activities because the fun is unfairly taken away by adults. By following this simple code you can help reinforce that youth sports are all about...BEING FUN FOR EVERYONE.

(PARENT) I will:

Not force my child to participate in sports

Remember that children participate to have fun and the game is for youth, not adults

Inform the coach of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others

Learn the rules of the game

Be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and spectators at every game, practice and tournament

Not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures

Not encourage any behaviors or practices that would endanger the health and wellbeing of the athletes

Teach my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence

Demand that my child treat other players, coaches, officials and spectators with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation or ability

Teach my child that doing one's best is more important than winning, so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game or his/her performance

Praise my child for competing fairly and trying hard, and make my child feel like a winner every time

Never ridicule or yell at my child or other participant for making a mistake or losing a competition

Emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit my child over winning. I will also deemphasize games and competition in the lower age groups

Promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of my child ahead of any personal desire I may have for my child to win

Respect the officials and their authority during games

I will never question, discuss, or confront coaches at the game field, and will observe the 24 hour Cool Down period after games before contacting coaches to discuss a game

Refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and practices, unless I am one of the official coaches of the team.