Community Soccer Tournament | June 7th & 8th 2019 | MSA Fieldhouse

Why the Rascals Cup?

           As youth soccer grows rapidly in West Michigan, there has naturally been an increase in the amount of players - all with varying commitment and ability levels. For the most part, soccer tournaments have been reserved for elite teams playing club soccer. Because the tournament experience is an exciting and much anticipated part of many soccer players’ careers, Michigan Futbol Academy has decided to host a tournament for players in community soccer programs who might otherwise not have access. The tournament is open to all teams but our target is community soccer programs with intermediate and beginner level teams.

        The Rascals Cup aims to provide a friendly, welcoming event where teams who may not otherwise compete in a tournament can play. Although the tournament will have winners and losers, the experience of the day should far outweigh the overall results for all involved.

  • Gaurenteed 3 games
  • One facility tournament
  • Two day tournament
  • Beginner and intermeidate level teams
  • Boys, Girls and Co-Ed teams
  • Medals for winning teams
  • 5v5, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 competition

MSA Fieldhouse

MSA Fieldhouse

The Rascals cup is hosted at MSA Fieldhouse. The Fieldhouse offers multiple turf fields, concession stand, sports shop, and more!


Cost is charged per-team and varies based on division.

  • 5v5 - $300
  • 7v7 - $350
  • 9v9 - $400
  • 11v11 - $450


  • 5v5 Teams = 1st and 2nd Grade = 2012, 2011 = U7, U8
  • 7v7 Teams = 3rd and 4th Grade = 2010, 2009 = U9, U10
  • 9v9 Teams = 5th and 6th Grade = 2008, 2007 = U11, U12
  • 11v11 Teams = 7th and 8th Grade = 2006 - 2004 = U13 - U15