The new and improved Revolution program brings Travel soccer Team opportunities to U7-U18 boys and girls.

Separating Revolution from Rascals is the best move for this club’s future! Revolution embodies everything that a committed and competitive player would want. This Travel Team program is designed to provide players with an opportunity to compete at the highest level possible!

We currently have teams that compete at the following levels:

  • Select | West Michigan | GVSA
  • Premier | Michigan | MSPSP

Our club plans on pursuing options such as Director's Academy (DA), Midwest Regional League (MRL) and even National League in the near future to provide our teams with greater competition. 

There are several benefits to Revolution that the competitors simply cannot match:

  • With MSA's premier sports facilities, our Travel Teams have immediate access to stability, consistency, and convenience.
  • Partnering up with MFA's newest Futsal Academy, ABK, Revolution players will be able to enhance their soccer skills through elite futsal training and competition.
  • Our club's sports performance programming with i'move will set our athletes apart from the competition.

Not to mention, the goal for Revolution is to challenge every team and athlete and develop them to their maximum potential, both on and off the field.  Our #BeyondTheField initiative connects players to all 3 areas of development: Character, Capability, and Community.

We are all about developing the whole person, not just the player.

So... what are you waiting for?  Join the Revolution!


Revolution teams are a Fall through Spring commitment.

  • PRE-SEASON runs August 21 - August 31
  • FALL SEASON runs September 5 - October 29
  • WINTER SEASON runs November 6 - March 31
  • SPRING SEASON runs April 9 - June 10
Our Fall/Spring seasons are located at MSA Fieldhouse.
Winter sessions take place at MSA Woodland and/or MSA Sports Spot.

Program tuition varies based on age group/team level.  2018-2019 costs coming soon!

2017-2018 AGE GROUPS 
Revolution offers Travel Teams for boys and girls in these age groups:
  • U7 | Players born in 2011
  • U8 | Players born in 2010
  • U9 | Players born in 2009
  • U10 | Players born in 2008
  • U11 | Players born in 2007
  • U12 | Players born in 2006
  • U13 | Players born in 2005
  • U14 | Players born in 2004
  • U15 | Players born in 2003 (Full and Half Year)
  • U16 | Players born in 2002 (Half Year only)
  • U17 | Players born in 2001 (Half Year only)
  • U18 | Players born in 2000 (Half Year only)