Date: February 2-4, 2018
Locations: MSA Sports Spot, MSA Woodland, MSA Fieldhouse (A total of 12 courts)
Cost: $350 per team ($25 discount for 5+ teams)
Registration Deadline: January 14th, 2018

Tournament Rules/Venues

WMF CUP 2017
Last year we had over 100+ teams from 5 different states including Canada! More than 6 different Futsal clubs from the Great Lakes region have supported the tournament the past 2 years.


All locations for the tournament will be in Grand Rapids, MI
Facilities will have 4-5 Futsal courts each (including concessions at each one).
All facilities are within 5-7 miles apart.
We will be providing physical trainers at each facility.

Mens Semi Pro Game!
ABK Men's vs Ann Arbor Mudpuppies
Saturday February 3rd during the WMF Cup at 7:00pm

* All players and coaches participating in the tournament will get in for free!

$10 ticket per person for the public.